Итоги Второго Международного Российско-Швейцарского Форума

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Посол Швейцарии в России Пьер Хельг очень высоко оценил уровень организации и проведения форума.

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Швейцарский бизнес готов сотрудничать с российскими инноваторами


Morgan Capital Advisors joins SIX Swiss Exchange

Today, SIX Swiss Exchange welcomes Morgan Capital Advisors LLP as a new participant. Gregor Braun, Head New Member Sales, comments: "We wish our 111th participant successful trading on our high-performance platform." Morgan Capital Advisors is a proprietary trading company active across fixed income cash, derivative and ETF markets.

SIX Swiss Exchange offers outstanding liquidity across a wide range of attractive trading segments. Participants benefit from cutting-edge trading technology and rapid admission while enjoying first-class services combined with expert support. Find out more on our website and in our publication Benefits for trading participants.