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Посол Швейцарии в России Пьер Хельг очень высоко оценил уровень организации и проведения форума.

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Швейцарский бизнес готов сотрудничать с российскими инноваторами


Integration of Merrill Lynch’s International Wealth Management business into Julius Baer moving ahead swiftly

Through the transfer of Merrill Lynch’s International Wealth Management business in the UK to Julius Baer, the Bank is moving from a niche player to one of the largest private banks in London City. In Spain, Julius Baer will gain a new foothold with a significant franchise in the local wealth management market, and in Israel the Bank will strengthen its presence in the local wealth management market.

Boris F.J. Collardi, Chief Executive Officer of Julius Baer Group Ltd., said: “Representing more than a quarter of IWM’s entire business in scope, the integration of the UK business is crucial to the transaction. The UK will be one of the biggest markets by client base outside Switzerland, thus being a key market for Julius Baer overall. In addition Spain and Israel will further enhance our footprint in the global private banking landscape.”

IWM’s financial advisers have transferred in all locations on 1 July 2013. Client relationships and related assets under management of the respective businesses will transfer to the Julius Baer platforms in stages and in line with appropriate regulations in the various jurisdictions. The process for these markets is expected to be completed by mid-2014.

All major locations have now reached transition phase

So far the businesses located in Switzerland, Uruguay, Chile, Luxembourg, Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Spain and Israel have started the transfer process and are moving ahead as planned. The next businesses to transfer, expected to occur in September and October, are in Bahrain, Lebanon and the UAE. The preparations for these transfers are well under way.

IWM is an excellent strategic fit for Julius Baer, strengthening the Group’s presence in key growth markets around the globe and significantly enlarging its asset base. The integration phase which was launched in February 2013 is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2015, with the large majority of the assets under management targeted to be transferred in 2013.