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Посол Швейцарии в России Пьер Хельг очень высоко оценил уровень организации и проведения форума.

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Швейцарский бизнес готов сотрудничать с российскими инноваторами


BaselArea and Canton Jura continue their cooperation

BaselArea sees in the new cooperation agreement as a strong expression of engagement by Canton Jura in the economic region of Basel and the economic promotion organization of BaselArea.

Michel Probst, a member of the cantonal government and Director of Economic Affairs with Canton Jura, is delighted that the cooperation is to be continued: “Thanks to the strong BaselArea brand and the considerable skills and additional resources of the organization, we managed to push ahead with our efforts in the field of economic promotion with great success. We should now like to continue this success and even step up the cooperation in the longer term with the aim of becoming a full member.”

Iris Welten, CEO of BaselArea, also sees great benefit in the cooperation with Canton Jura: “The partnership with Canton Jura enables BaselArea to market the region even more strongly. The microtechnology industry in Jura is an important argument in the marketing of this highly competitive region abroad. Positioning the region of Northwest Switzerland as a whole is in line with a trend in the promotion of inward investment and represents a major opportunity for us in attracting foreign companies.”

Advantages for both project partners
Further advantages of the cooperation between Canton Jura and BaselArea also lie in the widening of networks, markets and competencies, better visibility of the whole economic region and an enlarged project pipeline.

The new cooperation agreement between BaselArea and Canton Jura, the details of which are being elaborated by a working group, is based on the partnership that is already in place. The functions will also be largely similar to before.

In particular the new cooperation agreement will make use of synergies in market development and in the acquisition and new settlement of companies in the joint economic area of the two Basel cantons and Canton Jura.

Good results for Jura
Relations between BaselArea and Canton Jura were intensified in the past year. Of the 14 new businesses settling in Canton Jura, for example, six were achieved with the support of BaselArea, which amounts to 40% of new businesses settling in Canton Jura. A further plus point was that the representatives of Canton Jura were able to expand their know-how in the field of life sciences and strengthen their network in the region thanks to the cooperation with BaselArea.

The most important foreign markets for Canton Jura are France, the Benelux countries and Russia. Various events – many of them together with BaselArea – served the promotion and settlement efforts of Canton Jura.

BaselArea is responsible for the international promotion of the economic region of Basel. The joint economic promotion of cantons Basel-Stadt, Basel-Land and Jura, as well as the Fricktal region, assists foreign companies in establishing operations and advises start-ups. The services of BaselArea are available to interested parties free of charge.